Friday, May 4, 2012

Who's on vacation.... from the kingdom

My coworker is on vacation this week and I have been extremely busy.  It seems no matter how fast I do things something else is waiting to be done!  I will be so glad to see her Monday morning!

I was thinking about this last night and comparing it to the church today.  It seems more than ever before our coworkers in the kingdom are missing in action.  I know in our church my husband has had to take over the youth department.  We have kids coming out our ears waiting for someone to pour their lives into them, awesome facilities and a very supportive church body... but where are the young couples who see this ministry opportunity and get excited about it? Largely they are on vacation from the church.

We started ministry as a young couple, wet behind the ears and eager to work for the Lord.  I look around us and see Potential (notice that has a capital P).  But the interest is just not there to be responsible for anything in the church body. 

When one person  in the body of Christ is missing, everyone else is playing catch up all during the work day.  I wonder if people ever ask themselves "Who is going to fill in if I drop the ball?"  It seems to me the busiest people I know are actually the most dependable in the kingdom.  I think that is because they know the seriousness of the work that we do and know if we drop the ball someone else has to pick it up.

It reminds me of when the walls of Israel were broken down and Nehemiah charged the people to get to work rebuilding them. The Bible says they worked with a weapon in one hand and a tool in the other until the work was completed because the people had a mind to work. 

My prayer is that Christians everywhere will come off of vacation and have a mind to work!

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