Thursday, January 1, 2009

Be careful who you tell your dreams to!

I went with my son recently to see a production of Joseph and the Amazing Coat at a local community college. As I sat in the dark theater and watched the young men in the production, one of the lessons in the first part of the story hit me fresh and clear.

Joseph told his dream to the wrong people at the wrong time.

In his naivity, he thought his brothers would rejoice with him when he shared his dreams with them. Instead, it caused their jealous to turn to hatred of him and the favor of the father on his life.

Many times in my own life, I have been too quick to share what God is showing me about the future with others. The truth is not everyone is called to share your dreams. There are circumstances and life issues people deal with that get in the way of their ability to 'rejoice with those who rejoice'. Just because you are there for other people does not mean they are capable of being there for you.

Wisdom teaches us to wait and be careful about our conversation and 'the pearls of our hearts'. I would even tell you to guard your dream and thus protect the words being spoken over it. I want life spoken into my life and future. God is always faithful to raise up armor bearers and encouragers to share in what He wants to bring to pass in your life.

We must also wait for His timing. Sometimes in our own personalities, we run ahead of His timing and that is why we have a tendency to tell the wrong people what He is speaking to us. But His timing is perfect and when we wait for Him to open the doors and make the way clear we will see the people He has already put in position to be a part of the fulfillment of the vision He had given.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is so true!

"I would even tell you to guard your dream and thus protect the words being spoken over it. I want life spoken into my life and future. "
I agree 100%. I think also some people who cant focus on anything other than their own dreams, lives, and time. We have to be careful they dont become a drain on our spirits and motivation. Sorta like there are "depositors" in our lives and "Withdrawlers" We can have a balance of both qualities however when the "withdrawlers" is the rule and not the exception it can just plum wear you out!!

This is going to be a great year but I also sense a year that we have to soooo sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in ALL things. Discernment is a must!! Great post as always!!

Deborah said...

Hi I stumbled along your blog; My hubby and I have just spoken about this as we where on our way to visit with precious friends, we both felt the Holy Spirit telling us to be careful who we tell our dreams too. This is such confirmation. love always Deborah

Joan said...

Waiting for confirmation and the right oportunity is important. Our spiritual walk with God is very personal and can seem very lonely. Maybe that's why we blog!


Tara Sloan said...

This is such a timely and true pearl of wisdom! There are dream thieves out there who will stomp on the desires of our heart.

On the same note, there are others who God places in our lives that will speak to the dream within is and make deposits that will bring it to fruition, just as Julie stated!

My husband Craig is developing a message about Joseph and how the butler, baker, pharoh, etc were all instrumental in some way of his God ordained dreams becoming a reality...

This is some GOOD Word girl! Keep it coming!