Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book review : "This Thing of Ours"

Television is full of reality TV shows.  When I saw this book was available I immediately thought of the show Mafia Wives.  I am scared of those women! I think they could hurt me.  I say that with a smile but the reality is those women are hurting.  The life they are a part of is filled with violence and anger and they need the Lord Jesus just like we all do!

This book was super confusing to me.  It seemed to me that the author spent alot of time trying to convince the reader (and herself?) that her life choices were acceptable and that she was innocent of the lifestyle she married into.  The book is about how she, a 'Christian', married a high profile mobster ( with no knowledge of the life he was leading?}.  The book talks about the years he was running from the law and then in prison and how he eventually gave his life to God and stepped away from the mob life.

I promised to review this book so I have but cannot agree with it or endorse the message it teaches.  It is an example of what not to do as a young woman.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! How I agree.. it took me months to get through this! Book Snooze not Sneeze! Hehe.