Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you pursuing the blessings of God or are they pursuing you?

Are you pursuing the blessings of God? Do you ever look at other people's lives and see what great things are happening and wonder why you aren't seeing those things in your own life or ministry?

While in prayer this morning, it suddenly hit me afresh that the blessings and favor of God pursued David. 

Think about it. David was with his sheep, tending them in the lonely wildernes as his father had ordered him to do.  In the meantime, his brothers were enjoying the comforts of home and a great meal prepared for their visitor.  They then got in line to get the blessing they undoubtably thought Samuel was handing out.

But the Holy Spirit had someone else in mind... the obedient and faithful son that was not considered important enough to send for.  David did not have to pursue the blessing of God, it pursued him!  Why? because of his faithfulness and because he kept his heart pure before God. He spent time in worship with Jehovah, in spite of knowing he was in the lowliness of positions. Instead of groaning about his circumstances and vying for recognition, he did what he knew to do with all of his heart.

This is NOT the end of the story because David went back to the sheep after he was anointed by Samuel and waited for the promotion to come. How many times have we seen potential Davids get a word from God and jump out of position prematurely?  We start thinking we belong on the throne NOW instead of allowing God to promote us HIS way!  Just as David made sure to keep his humility, we have to do the same.

Being obedient where we are on the way to where we are going! It is estimated that David was 25 when he was anointed by Samuel and 30 when he actually became the king... that is 5 yrs he spent serving in whatever job was before him! In his life, time after time, we find the anointing and favor of God finding him through his heart of humility and obedience.

God knows where you are. He has you here for a reason.  Keep your heart pure before Him and He will promote you in HIS time and in HIS way.

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