Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ministry Re-Focus:

Why are we Here? Why do we do what we do? What has God called us here to do?

Why are we here? We are here because God led us here. God opened the door and clearly showed us that we were to walk through it.

Why do we keep doing what we are Doing?  We keep doing what we are doing because God called us HERE.  Sure, we did not know when we accepted the call here the problems we would face. On the surface, everything looked good.  But when you peeled back the layers, there were absesses and lack of solid foundation that were revealed.  We still believe in who we are in God and that sanity and a healthy church body are worth fighting for.

We do what we do because it is the right thing to do. Sometimes it is not easy and often it does not turn out for your own personal favor but we have to do what we know is right in the long run.  This means being willing to take the short-term criticism.

What has God called us here to do?  To win souls and disciple believers.  I believe in this church.  I believe we have a calling to win souls. There are lives that need to be changed and homes that desperately need to be restored.  Bondages must be broken. The body of Christ needs to arise from its stupor; clean itself up and robe itself as a Bride.... "a glorious church without spot or wrinkle."

We need to get serious about deliverance and restoration taking place.  Serious enough to set aside our own preferences, attitudes and issues.  Serious enough to seek God and to allow Him to remove all hinderances, from our lives and from our church.... to get on our faces before Him and entreat Him for a genuine breakthrough. 

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Anonymous said...

Many are walking around as nomads going to and fro...an empty journey. Until we pratice Matthew 6:33 we will never know why we are here and blame others because we are.