Friday, November 19, 2010

Let's go love on some kids!

My hubby and I have inherited coordination of the Girls and Boys Wednesday night ministry (formerly known as Missionettes and Royal Rangers) at our current church.  Neither one of us honestly needed another thing to add to our plates but that is another story!

I now start my Wednesday morning by saying outloud "Tonight we get to go love on some kids!"  Believe me, these are kids that desperately need to be loved!  Some of them come from home situations we cannot imagine.  After working 8-5, I know not to sit down and get comfortable!  We are at church by 6-6:15 and the vans start bringing in the masses!

This week we had 83.  I get the girls classes together in the fellowship hall and we go over the pledges to the flags and our theme songs.  Last week, I heard one of our teachers telling her girls as they were leaving "I love you! See you next week!" It absolutely blessed my heart and I thought "This is why we do what we do."  We are blessed to have some adults and youth that absolutely spend that time sharing the love of Jesus.  There is nothing like the rush of realizing that you are absolutely following the example and commands of Jesus.  Children and the lost are His heartbeat.

Feeling down and depressed?  Have your thoughts and moods turned inward? On a pity party? Determined to be stubborn about those past hang-ups and offenses you won't forgive?  Lay it ALL down and decide to look outward instead. Let's all go love on some kids!

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