Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christ Plus Nothing Equals Everything - Martin Luther

We had our Women's Ministries meeting last night.  One of the Thanksgiving games we played involved listing everything we are thankful for and comparing our answers to see which ones were unique.  I was truly in awe of some of the things mentioned.  Things like a healthy body and a sound mind were mentioned, but our ladies went much deeper. 

They went into the attributes of God.  Things like grace and God the Father's unfailing love.  Answered prayers and the Holy Spirit.  Mercy and peace.  These are the things that can't be taken away.  When our health fails us and we struggle to understand life's issues, there is the knowledge that Christ is enough.  That is what holds us when we feel like giving up.  That is what puts a song in our heart in the middle of dark night.

Christ loves us. That is everything! 

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