Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Captured By Grace: Book Review

David Jeremiah wrote this book about God's grace by sharing the life of 2 men; John Newton (who wrote the famous hymn,Amazing Grace) and Saul/Paul. He uses comparisons fromt he lives of these 2 men to talk about the awesome grace of God. The book also shares stories of other characters from the Bible, including the Prodigal Son. Jeremiah is a well-known Bible teacher/preacher. His warm style comes through the pages as he breaks down concepts like justification, faith and endurance.

I admit, I had a harder time actually getting into this book than any other I have ever reviewed on this site. I think it is because my learning style did not really connect with his writing style.  I also wished he had actually told more of the story of John Newton.

My interest in reading the book stems from an old hobby of mine; researching the life of well-known and not so well-known hymnists.  I find it fascinating to learn about the lives of the men and women whose songs we sing each Sunday.  The book piqued my interest but didn't really keep it.

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