Friday, July 30, 2010

New Book Review for Christians in Sales

This time last year, I officially joined the workforce as a sales representative for a State Farm agent.  The first few months were filled with training and becoming licensed.  I really loved the challenge of passing all the state and company exams, as well as learning the insurance business.

Fast forward to year 2 and my boss has new goals for me... namely sales.  This is new territory for me and I am being stretched in new directions. These challenges are definitely taking me out of my comfort zone.  Because of this, the title of the book I am reviewing "Jungle Warfare: A basic manual for Christians in Sales." immediately caught my attention.

To be honest with you: it IS a jungle out here!  How to navigate the marketplace and 'compete' in a totally secular environment is unfamiliar territory for me and I do have days I feel like Rambo must have felt dropped off in enemy territory!

This book is great because the author used his grandfather's World War 2 jungle warfare manual.  A page of instructions from this guide is used as a preface to each chapter.  The chapters are short and intended to be read one a day for a 22 day guidebook.  The book does a good job of focusing us on the fact that our focus is not ourselves but Christ.  This is a lesson I have to keep reminding myself.  My job and being the best in the world's eyes is not what true success is all about.  Each chapter also has a prayer and questions to ask yourself about your job and how it relates to your faith.

Overall I think it is a good book to keep in your library.  I brought mine to work and refer to it when I need to focus on my priorities.    

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