Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letting Go.

Sometimes I struggle with letting go
this can mean things in my life
like those little habits that are unnecessary and steal my time and energies
sleeping for that extra 20 minutes instead of getting out of bed when I intend to
this means letting go of laziness and feeling I have the 'right' to sleep in

this can mean people in my life
people that are no longer a part of my life but I still second guess myself about
wondering why I still think about them
and second guessing what they think about me

this can mean the past
remembering only the good things about a time that is over
or rehashing the bad times...
forgiving those who have wronged us and the questions we have about the sovereignty of God.

To move forward we have to let go.

So many people live in the past and forget about the future instead of forgetting the past and moving into the future.

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