Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Body for Life:Getting Fit!

Several years ago, my husband and I decided we needed to get into shape.  We had just moved from St. Louis to a small town in Southern Illinois and after looking at some pictures (Ouch!) we decided that we wanted to change our habits and get our bodies into shape. 

We looked at different programs and settled on Body for Life. This program was designed by Bill Phillips and has been around for several years.  The basics of the program involve eating a balance of healthy carbs and protein throughout the day, coupled with switching off daily between aerobic activity and weight lifting.  We started this program and immediately saw great results.  Not only did we look better, but we felt better too. Our small town had a small fitness center and we were basically given a key when we joined.

Fast forward 4 years and here we are in a new town and with new jobs!  Our healthy habits have more or less continued, but lately we have started to feel a strong sense of responsibility concerning our health.  For my husband, it started when he was praying over his food at McDonalds one day.  He thought "Why am I praying for God to bless what is obviously cursed?"  Now, we ate at McD's today so don't get all offended, but what I am saying is that we were not eating food that is fuel for our body but filling ourselves up with junk.

So now we are purposely asking God to help us take care of the temples He gave us.  We are exercising regularly and not going to bed bloated and exhausted. We are drinking water and eating healthy foods.  Sporatically, I may post something I have or am learning from this journey.  

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Anonymous said...

Was pointed to your blog today and love what you have shared. You are setting a great example for your kids and those blessed to share life with you. Keep shining your light amazing woman! :+)