Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Musings

We had a great Memorial weekend!  We were surprised to have a visit from some old friends from our home church, Susanne and Chris Goff.  Suzanne just returned from Iraq, where she served in the military for one year at Victory Camp (which used to be the palace of Saddam). She shared a slide show at our church Sunday morning from her stay there.

It was very interesting to me that the ornate chandeliers and 'special touches' in Saddam's palaces were actually made of plastic! Imagine all of his people coming in and seeing his palace with all it's spendor and not realizing it was all fake!

Isn't that what the devil does?  He makes the wicked look so blessed and happy.... makes us wonder what we are doing wrong. The truth is it is all fake! If we were to see behind the veil and into the reality of their lives, we would see that it was all pretend and temporary.


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