Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Facebook Etiquette

I remember when I first discovered facebook... It was so exciting!  I reconnected with family and friends I hadn't seen or heard from in years.  When you have moved as often as we have, it is so easy to lose contact with people.  I consider it a real blessing from God that it is available to reconnect with people through.

I keep waiting for someone to post a "10 Commandments for Christians on Facebook".  So here is my small attempt to address some of the things I have seen and experienced.

1) You should not put facebook before God.  (When you find yourself checking your facebook first thing in the morning, last thing at night and 200 times in between, you may need to ask yourself if you are praying that often!)

2)  You should not post things on facebook that you would be ashamed to say in person.  Remember that everyone you have on your friends list can see what you post! I recently had someone I know delete me from their friends list and tell me by way of explanation that they did not want me to be offended by the things they post on facebook....????

3) You should not post comments using your spouse or children's profiles....Sometimes this one can be funny but actually it can get them or you in trouble!!!

4) Please don't cut down or criticize your children and spouse on facebook; not only does it embarrass them but it makes you look really bad.

5) You should not gripe about your job or your spouse's job/coworkers on facebook.  In case you haven't noticed, most people know where you work!  

6) Please stop with all the farmville requests.  If you have friends that are Farmville fans, by all means, go for it and invite them to participate with your collection of piggies.... Those of us who have not responded to the first 100 invites are probably not going to take up farming.

7) Remember Facebook is not twitter.  Please do not update every 2 seconds of your life.  Nobody really wants to know if you are having your second cup of coffee or want to go back to bed every 20 minutes all day long.

8) Give people grace on facebook!  Sometimes things may come out the wrong way.  This is part of cyber communication and not being able to see the 'tone' of a comment that can mean alot of things just depending on the way they are said.

9) If you get offended and delete someone in haste, don't expect them to send you another invite.  It is up to you to make things right and ask that person to be your friend again.  Next time you should think twice about the previous commandments before deleting people.

10) ? I will edit to include 10 when someone reads this and thinks of another one!

Thank God for facebook!  It is a blessing and a curse; depending on how we choose to use it.


Penny said...

Hi Robin,
I found your blog from A Preacher's Wife blogroll. I was really going through them quite quickly and I came across yours - I almost missed a blessing too! I almost hit the "back" button, but I saw your blog title about Facebook. You and I share the same heart on this! Thanks for being bold enough to post these commandments!

I would love to follow your blog - it sounds like you are a wise woman! I am a Pastor's Wife in New Orleans and am in need of some friends who get this kind of life! Come see me at my blog some time! I promise I won't be sending you any Farmville requests! LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i trust everything will be fine. bless you!..................................................................