Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Press. Push. Pursue.

I  look around and see people filled with potential.

Their eyes light up with dreams of greatness.
Their mouth speaks of destiny.
    but they  are waiting.

Waiting for something big to happen
      that big break that will somehow launch them into the future and let them know they have arrived.

So in the meantime they do nothing.

They have not yet learned that victory comes through the journey.
God's requirement of faithfulness has not been replaced by talent or charisma. 

Victory comes through the pressing, pushing and pursuing.
Pressing towards the mark faithfully
Pushing every day past discouragements, disappointments and pain
Pursuing God and His call on your life in spite of the temptation to quit.

Even when life is hard.

It is in these choices that we prove God faithful and that we honor Him.

1 comment:

Daughter of the KING said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. Lord, help me to press, push and pursue until all you have promised comes to past.