Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last week I was really wishing I had a new book to read when Patsy Clairmont's new book Kaleidoscope was delivered for my review.

I love a great devotional; one that challenges me and helps me to think about my spiritual life. Being a 'full-fledged' (that means 40 hrs a week outside the home) working mom/pastor's wife now, I especially appreciate those devotionals with chapters that are actually short and digestible!

For those of you not familiar with Patsy Clairmont, the words 'quick wit' and 'funny bone' are used to describe her humor. What I love about her is the heart of gold underneath her satire. Patsy is a recovering agoraphobic and her message is one of hope and healing.

In this book, Patsy takes us through the book of proverbs by breaking down verses into digestible pieces to deal with everyday life. She does this by sharing her own stories with humor and authenticity. I found myself wanting to discuss what I had just read with her but since she is not available this book would make a great focus for any women's Bible study or fellowship.

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