Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reconnecting with old friends

The friendships of women.... what a subject! The books and articles written about the subject could fill a library!
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to become very close friends with 2 special ladies. God sent them to me at a time when I really needed to grow and learn. These two very special people became like sisters to fact I still call them my sister friends. Through these relationships, I learned what a true friend is, as well as what a true friend is not! At the time, I was in a box of my own making. I was trying desperately to be what I thought everyone else wanted and expected me to be. These ladies became my armor bearers. They prayed for me and with me and loved me unconditionally.
God called us from that place of ministry and we had to part. All of us faced some pretty tough things in the next few years. One of us lost a son, two lost a brother and one lost a sister. We went through changes of churches, jobs, locations and our share of health issues. I still know they are my sister friends.
Although we have stayed in contact, this week we were able to really reconnect.
I needed that. I needed to know that there are still women out here that aren't 'pastors wives groupies'. Women that love you through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad. People you can be real with who won't throw you away when the excitement of newness has worn off and they see you without the glamour of your position blinding them.
I am so grateful for them and for all the other women God has and is putting in my life right now. I have learned to take friendship let it blossom and let trust build and not to try so hard to make it happen myself.
I am also learning to trust that small voice of warning that something isn't right and that someone is not being honest with me. My sister friends never tried to isolate me from everyone else in my life but helped me see the God calling in me. I am truly a better woman because of them.

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