Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Review: Tim McGraw's "Love Your Heart"

I love a good read-aloud book! One of the joys of life is what you give to the next generation and a great way to do that is to read books to children!

Tim McGraw's new book "Love Your Heart" is a great read aloud to share with the special little girl in your life. The book is based on his daughters. Tim and Faith are working on nurturing their daughters' spirits. He does this by focusing on what is inside of us, not the outside.

Katie is the daughter in the book. She has many talents and can't decide what to do for the school talent show. The close relationship between father and daughter is shown as the father encourages Katie in all that she tries to do.

On the night of the talent show, one of Katie's friends is unable to perform her talent. Katie gives up the spotlight to help a friend and shows that she is a winner on the inside, thus the title "Love Your Heart". I plan to read this book to my class of girls I teach at church then gift it to my beautiful niece, Reagan. She is beautiful on the inside and I love her heart!

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