Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving Right Along

Doesn't it seem like life is moving and changing so fast? It seems like yesterday was the beginning of the year, yet the calendar says May! If you know me, you know this year has been crazy for my life. Yet life does not wait until you are ready to move forward, time is passing by.

I was reminded today of the fact that sometimes the choices we make for ourselves have far-reaching results for others in our lives. The choices we make about our own relationships can rob others of relationships they would and should have experienced.

One thing we have promised our children is that none of our experiences in past family relationships will affect their opportunity to form a relationship with that person. I can honestly say that to the best of our ability we have kept that promise. They are young men now and those who have reached out to them to touch and care about their lives are those they understand to be their family. I feel sad for those who have not chosen that. They have missed out on impacting some awesome young men.

I also feel sad for parents who have not allowed their children to make that choice. This is why the Bible says to lay aside all malice. Malice and selfish ambition will destroy individuals, relationships, and families. If that has happened to you, I encourage you to start today to reach out to those you want to know better. Don't allow the mistakes of others to dictate your future! You may be pleasantly surprised at the relationships waiting around the corner!

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