Friday, April 3, 2009

His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado

I journal during my devotional time. Sometimes I look through my past journals and they minister to me in a different way. It is almost like reading the writing of someone else. I read an old entry the other day. I had written the following: "Each of us must walk our faith journey alone. There are times in our walk that our path may coincide with others. During those times the walk is easier but we must continue forward even when we find ourselves alone on the path. "

The past few months have been absolutely draining for me. I am finally getting back to who I am. I am rediscovering some things about myself on the way. One way God is ministering to me is through books. Max Lucado's writings have been a big part of the process during this time.

The copy of His Name is Jesus I received is a hardcover gift book. It is absolutely beautifully made. It journeys from the birth of Christ to His resurrection. His way of writing opens your heart to the miracle of who Christ was and who He became for us. Easter is an awesome time of year to read this book. I highly recommend it even as a gift or a new believer or a searcher.

My faith journey, like yours, is far from over. I have been and am fortunate to have those who care praying for me. As we continue to seek God, He is always faithul!

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