Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The courage to jump

I remember taking swimming lessons as a small child.

To graduate from the class we had to jump off the diving board.

I stood on the edge every day. I knew I could swim. I had made friends with my lifeguards and knew they would not let me drown..... but I could not take that step.

At night I would think about my lesson time the next day.
I would imagine myself jumping off the board and swimming to the side.
The next day I would be frozen... on the edge.

On the final day of class, one of the lifeguards offered to jump with me. She came behind me and wrapped her arms around me and we jumped together.

She gained nothing for her efforts but a chipped tooth (true story!) but I had gained the courage to jump into the water.

Even though I am now in my thirties, I MAKE myself jump off the diving board at least once every time I go swimming.

Not because I am a great athlete or in great shape, but because I don't want to lose my nerve. I know how easily you can get frozen on the edge of the pool, gazing into the water but unable to find the courage to jump.

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