Friday, March 13, 2009

If I lose everything but Christ...... Assurance in times of hardship

If I lose everything but Christ,
yet Christ is my everything,
what have I truly lost?

As a pastor's wife, almost daily people tell me their problems. The news of economic hard times is not a joke. Confessions of spouses getting laid off, people losing their homes, and cars being repossessed have become frequent in my life.

I am like most people in that I thought I would always have certain possessions and luxuries. We personally are down to one car right now and I am in school an hour away from home. My husband is a pastor and a vehicle for him is a necessity.... We have made this a matter of prayer and are borrowing a car right now so I appreciate you adding that to your own growing prayer list!

I heard on the news the other day that households are combining with other households in order to save on living expenses. Another news reports compared the tent cities of homeless in major cities to those during the great depression.

And yet God is still God. He is in the middle of the tent cities of Sacramento. He is with the housewife trying to stretch the budget to include food and other necessities. He is with the teenager who does not understand why she does not have the luxuries her friends take for granted. He is right there when each house of a believer is foreclosed on. He didn't take a break or walk away because the plant is closing.

He never fails. His peace and his comfort will hold you in your darkest hour. Everything in your life may be striped away yet He remains. Even as the disciples were boiled in a pot of water, beaten, crucified and stoned He remains the Savior of the world.

When believers in Africa are dying for their faith, North Korean Christians are flattened by armored tanks, and Indian wives who becomes Christians are beaten to death by their husbands, we still serve a good God.

Unbelievers have asked me "How can you serve God in a world full of so much pain?" My answer to them is "How can you go through a life of so much pain without God?" He is all there is worth holding on to.

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Anonymous said...

this is one of the best blog post you have wrote so far. I can feel the faith as I read it.
I have never been prouder to say you are my pastor's wife but more than that a dear friend.

He is our everything!!!