Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Personal Commitment

I was listening to a radio interview with Christian songwriter and performer Steve Greene yesterday. Steve's parents were missionaries and he was raised in a very strict Christian home. When he went to college, he was faced with temptations and challenges to his belief system. He stated that he knew God was real and that his parents were committed to him but he had to decide for himself what his personal commitment would be and why.

What is your personal commitment level to God and why are you committed? Is it because that is how you were raised? Maybe it is because that is the environment you find yourself in. Perhaps your parents or spouse have expectations that keep you 'in line'.

The fact of the matter is we can do all the right things for all the wrong reasons. God does not want my life to 'look' holy. That is all about appearances. God wants me to 'be' holy for the simple reason that He is holy and I desire to be like Him. So often, we do things because others are looking at us and we know what their expectations are for our lives. When we do something right or good for that reason, we have completely missed the mark.

God wants me to love Him so much that pleasing Him in what I do comes from the love I have for Him and my commitment to live out that love in my life.

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