Friday, February 27, 2009

Personal accountability

Have you noticed lately that our society has a problem with accountability?

No one wants to answer to another for their actions.

I am reminded of a young man we had in our youth group years ago. J___ was a quirky teenage boy who had made it through the awkward junior high years and looked like a young man. Like most 18 year olds, he was still a boy in a man's body.

One day J_____ came to my husband and said "I am tired of my parents telling me what to do all the time. I am getting away from it. I am joining the army."

Now if you have a military background at all you understand how completely stupid that statement is. The military experience is all about learning self-discipline. They tell you where and when to eat, sleep, spit and breathe.

My husband was quick on his feet and told him "That is exactly what you need to do."

The truth is that we all answer to someone. Children hate answering to their parents and teachers, not realizing that their parents are answering to their bosses, spouses are answering to each other and we are all answering to God.

Personal accountability is not a dirty word. The bible tells us that every one of us will give an account to God for the words that we speak and the things that we do.

It is time we embraced the relationships that personal accountability brings into our lives. It is sometimes hard to accept but God has placed authorities and people in our lives to help us, not to hurt us.


Anonymous said...

I think this is soooo key to growing in our relationship to the Lord. We all need accountability.

Great post as always!!


krissy knox said...

Found you through a fellow blogger's blog. Sandra. Hope that makes sense. I guess you could say I was "blog hopping." Your blog was listed in Sandra's blog and your blog caught my eye bc of the title so I hopped over. Oh, I know Sandra from Twitter, also, if I remember correctly, but she and I haven't chatted (tweeted) yet, bc I have been too busy and haven't been able to be on Twitter for hardly any time at all.

The reason why is, well, why I am leaving this comment. It's bc my husband had MDS (bone marrow cancer) and had a bone marrow transplant. I recognized from reading over your blog that you said your sister had AA. That is also a bone marrow failure disease like MDS (what my husband is now in remission from, praise the Lord Jesus Christ!).

I just wanted to say that my husband has had something similar to your sister it appears, so I wanted you to know that if you ever wanted to email me, I wanted you to feel free -- especially if they ever suggest a bone marrow transplant for your sister. My husband has had one.

I'm a Christian also. Catholic. At any rate, email if you'd like. And know that even when it gets hard, God is always there, and always has things under control. Just sometimes we can't see that He's there, bc perhaps we are not looking in the right place. Sometimes the Lord may want to do something in a way different than we want Him to do. It takes great faith to let Him do ANYTHING He wants to do in our life.

What I am trying to say here is, some are instantly healed, some are healed later, some are healed in heaven. Perhaps a lot are healed here. But in different ways. Some through prayer -- instantly. Some through prayer and by the doctors! My husband was and continues to be the later.

Just trying to say that when my husband John didn't get instantly healed other Christians tried to say we didn't have enough faith. This was ridiculous. The Lord could heal John anyway He so chose, and he chose through prayer AND a bone marrow transplant. We don't always know why, BUT, it has caused an incredible testimony, touched thousands of lives (ask me some time, and I'll tell you about it!), inspired thousands, caused many to turn to the Lord. My family is closer to the Lord bc of what John went through. His transplant was 3 years ago, and it is still a big struggle with him (we are going to Hershey Medical Center next week for more treatment for him -- as he doesn't have antibodies), but as I said, to struggle is okay for him -- bc when he is weak, Jesus shines all the brighter.

I hope that made some kind of sense, LOL. If not, I am sorry, I probably shouldn't be trying to make a comment in your blog at 3 in the morning instead of being in bed with said husband, LOL. I just feel the Lord was calling me to post this comment to you. Thanks for listening for what it was worth, and i hope it helps somehow.

God bless you, Spirit led Woman,

krissy knox :)
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