Thursday, January 1, 2009

50 Things I learned in 2008

My real-life friend, Julie, posted a list of 50 things she had learned in 2008. I thought I would join her!

50. Where in the world Carmi, IL is.

49. I love living in a small town.

48. People in small towns make news up if they can't find any real news.

47. I love to entertain.

46. Children really do grow up too fast.

45. Teenage girls are more forward than they used to be.

44. My boys are 'hotties'.

43. God will send us friends when we least expect them.

42. Not everyone who goes to church is a Christian.

41. You never know when something unexpected will walk into your life.

40. You never know when someone unexpected will walk out of your life.

39. Praise and worship are vital parts of my relationship with God.

38. I can't drink coffee or have caffeine within 6 hours of my bedtime.

37. Melatonin is a great herb for a natural sleep aid.

36. Women are busy but we still need relationships.

35. Some women actually think they don't need relationships.

34. If you want to keep up with where your teenager is, get them a cellphone.

33. Having a 16 year old in the house reminds you of how old you are.

32. Cell phones take pictures and sending pics is a great way to confirm where your teenager says he is.

31. Being a cool mom doesn't mean saying yes all the time.

30. God is big enough to work problems out without my help.

29. If I don't have peace, stop and stay still til I know why.

28. Red walls are awesome.

27. I am actually pretty good at math.

26. Not everyone wants to be my friend.

25. I don't need to tell every person that asks me for personal information what they want to know.

24. Anything you say can and will be used against you! (things you didn't say can also be used against you)

23. Where God calls me is not about any particular person who is there but about vision for what He wants to see happen.

22. Mentors are great things for teenagers to have.

21. Mentors are great things for us to be.

20. Chocolate helps headaches.

19. I love having red hair.

18. To forgive quickly.

17. To repent quickly.

16. To worship without caring about who is around me or what else is going on.

15. I don't have to have an answer for everything.

14. The family of God is important in my life.

13. I feel better when I eat healthy.

12. I like to spend time alone.

11. Sears laundry detergent can save you alot of money.

10. Loving people is important to Jesus.

9. Some things are none of my business.

8. You can wish the best for people, but if you are the one who convinces them to do something, you will be the one they blame when it gets tough. It is much better to let God do the work!

7. Some people just love to complain.

6. There are really good people everywhere you go, if you look for them.

5. If you look for something good to say, you will find it.

4. If you look for something bad to say, you will find it.

3. The older I get, the more I need comfortable shoes.

2. My husband is a great man.

1. When God tells you to move, you have to be willing to move right then. Of you don't, you will miss something awesome!

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Tara Sloan said...

"32. Cell phones take pictures and sending pics is a great way to confirm where your teenager says he is." GREAT IDEA!!!!!