Monday, January 5, 2009

God's time is the right time!

This morning I got up ready for my new healthy lifestyle! I drank a big glass of water and took my vitamin, exercised, walked the dog and made a healthy breakfast. As I sat down to eat, a wave of nausea came over me and I began to shake and sweat.

After I threw my healthy breakfast in the trash, I realized what had happened: I had taken my vitamin on an empty stomach. No, it didn't make me feel better this morning, but hopefully I won't make that mistake again.

Now for the spiritual application.... There is an order for what God has for our lives just as there is an order for taking things like vitamins. This morning, I got ahead of myself. I was so excited about my goal to get healthy that I didn't take the time to remember the basics I already knew.

God has perfect timing. I look forward in faith to what He has promised me. I believe with everything in me that this is the year I will begin to see His promises and plans for me fulfilled. He is lining everything up in my life and I am so excited!!! If I am not careful I can jump ahead of Him. I can forget the daily things I must do, the lessons He has already taught me. It is called daily obedience. Believe me, I do NOT want to have to walk through those lessons again! I want to remember to shut my mouth when He tells me too (learned that lesson well). I want to be quick to speak when He directs me to (remember that lesson?).

So I am telling myself to slow down and pay careful attention to what I know to do. Someone said in church last night "I was not doing anything wrong last year, but I wasn't doing the things I knew I should be doing." The verse immediately came to my mind: He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. James 4:17.

I am so ready to go to a higher place in Him. I am going to keep my eyes on the prize and my focus on the order He has set in my life.


Grace said...

HA HA HA! You got me! Shows how much trouble you can get into when you put a post out at 8 am on a Monday in January, eh!

Thanks for the correction!

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok great wisdom!! And yes it spoke to me!! And yesssss I see many applications I need to apply to life..... buttttt Ohhhh it is hard sometimes!
Ultimately His timing is the best!


Haasiegirl said...

Great job starting the day right!!


Mara said...

Hmmm, great post. I think of all the times the Lord has showed me something and I begin to walk in it then... fizzle. I forget or start walking in something new and I don't hold fast to what I've already learned. Good reminder.