Friday, January 16, 2009

For the Tough Times.......

As you know of you have been reading my blog, my sister has a terminal illness. This is the first immediate family member I have dealt with this kind of thing with. I spent a few days last week with her and her mind is very unstable right now. If you have dealt with something like this, you know questions will come.

Where is God when bad things happen? Why doesn't He intervene? I had an opportunity to read Max Lucado's book For The Tough Times this week. It really spoke to me. It is a small gift book and only took about an hour to read. This makes it prefect to give someone that you know is dealing with life-changing situations.

One of the things he says that really encouraged me and challenged me to think was the following:

We're thinking, Preserve the body; He's thinking, Save the soul.

The truth is that eternity is so much longer and more important than the present. As much as I would love to hold on to my sister, she is in torment. I actively believe in His power to heal. But I am much more concerned about her place in eternity.

The book ends with an awesome prayer titled Do It Again, Lord

I am sending the book to my sister and buying another copy for my mother. As a pastor's wife, there are many times there is no 'right thing' to say to bring comfort to someone. I think this gift book would be awesome to give in those situations.

I appreciate all of your prayers for Rachel!


Mara said...

I love all of Max Lucado's books. He is such a wonderful author. Will have to keep an eye out for this book. Praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...


There is a lot of wisdom in this post dear sister. In prayer for you. Hugz!