Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life Choices

One fine Sunday morning, a man was walking with his family to church when he heard an awful commotion coming from behind the church. He sent his family on it and went to see what was going on. To his surprise, he saw the devil sitting on the ground moaning and crying something awful. "What in the world is wrong with you?" he asked the devil. "You won't believe what they're blaming me for in there." was his answer.

Now, I know this story has A LOT of faulty theology but stay with me as I make my point! There are so many things in our life that we deal with that are a result of our own bad choices. When you think about the fact that every one of us is allowed to make our own choices in life, it is mindboggling. I know sometimes it seems it would be easier if we could force those that we care about to make good choices. It is so hard to see people that we love hitting their heads against a brick wall over and over again wondering why the wall won't move, but we can't change their stubbornness....

Just think how God must feel about us sometimes? He shows us clearly what we need to do to make it through all the junk life throws our way, yet many times we insist on doing it on our own anyway. Then we whine and cry about how unfair life is. I think about one of my favorite songs "I went to the enemy's camp and took back what he stole from me." the truth of that song is that we surrendered many of those things to the devil willingly and our struggle is in getting them back from him!

Yup, life is 'unfair' and sometimes it is a mess, but the only way I make it through is by trusting in the One who created life and knew me before I was born. Surrendering to Him is the only way I keep going forward and choosing to believe He loves me and knows the plans He has for me. That is what keeps me from giving up.

The ultimate choices in life aren't really about life at all.. they are about eternity.


Anonymous said...

Well, put on the steeled toe boots she done gone to preaching the truth!! Can someone shout AMEN!! WOW, I would like to write ya some more sista but I gotta go talk to God!! You gave me a lot to be on my knees about! Praise GOD! AMAZING POST!!

Sharon said...

Hi Robin! I wanted to let you know that you are now on the Assembly of God Blogs network! Thanks for joining. I encourage you to visit the network site, and start networking by visiting other A/G Blogs. You can easily access the network site by clicking on the Assembly of God Blogs banner you installed on your blog. Then click on the header, to go to the networks home page. Blessings! ~Sharon~

mom interceding said...

I love your post and completely agree with what you said. Welcome to AG Blog network. It is great and I'm blessed by it everyday. Carolyn

Lori said...

The Lord is trustworthy, and loves us beyond measure. Knowing those two things makes following Him all the simpler. I'd be lost without Him. Loved your post!

~ Lori