Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Know Your Triggers!

Negative people: Do you know someone who just drags you down? Who is it that can quickly cause you to become negative? You can be in a good mood and feel on top of the world. You can have peace about a situation in your life, and then you talk to the wrong person.

Crash! It all comes down around you. Suddenly you are in a bad mood, mad at the world, questioning the will of God, or even your walk with God. All because you opened your mouth or your heart to the wrong person.

When I think about this, I look at the life of Joseph. God had chosen Joseph before he was even born and gave him dreams about his future. Joseph told the wrong people at the wrong time. His brothers couldn't handle the thought of his dreams coming true because they were not in his corner or on his team.

How often do we do this? God begins to speak to us and confirm His will for our lives and we tell the wrong people. Of course they can't affirm us in our dream! They don't see us as God sees us. Take it from me, I have learned this the hard way. Avoid this trigger!

No, you can't always avoid this person. For whatever reason, God has put them in your life. But do yourself and your walk with God a favor and do not share your dreams with them. Recognize that they are unable to be happy for you, cheer you on, or believe in your dream.

Release that expectation from that relationship. Acknowledge they are a negative trigger in your life and guard your heart and spirit from receiving the negativity they share. Choose carefully what you share with that person. Speak positive things that are not controversial. Save youe energy for relationships that feed you and help you grow. KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS!

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Anonymous said...

That is sooooooo true !! This is why we really have to seek the Lord for Godly counselors!