Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

A few years ago, my sister-in-law invited me to join her for Black friday shopping. This was not something I grew up doing, but I was game for some 'girl bonding' so I got up at 4 am and joined her at Target. Ths was the year that every store seemed to have a giveaway and I was excited about the goodie bag that was advertised for the first 500 shoppers.

It was FREEZING! I admit I spent that day like a deer in the headlights. At the end of the day about all I had to show for my trip were the freebies I got at the stores we visited. It was just too overwhelming for me and I went into blissful hibernation for the next three years.

Three year later, my money saving instrincts took over and I carefully studied the Thanksgiving Day ads for the best deals. I admit it, I hit gold for awhile there and loved Black Friday. This was soon followed by Cyber Monday hysteria.

While we have always been on a tight budget, this year I am very exact about what I am planning to buy and can I tell you, I have not been blown away by either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I scoured the ads over and over and....stayed in bed. There was just nothing on sale that I do not think I will be able to find at the same or better price before Christmas; same problem with Cyber Monday. I really expected some great prices but am not in the market for an HDTV or computer so I was unimpressed. I surfed the web several times throughout the day but have kept my money in my pocket.

My goal this year is to celebrate Christmas with those I love. I am going to focus on the gatherings and celebrations that make Christmas so special. I am blessed to be in a new church this year and love the people God has put in my life. My husband is healthy and my children are now handsome, Christian young men. Time passes much too quickly and memories are the things I want to spend my time making this year!

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