Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Blessings

As we prepare for this year to draw to a close, I can't help but wonder what the new year will bring. So many things are up in the air around us, the war, the economy, changes in government. It seems so much is changing. I was on the way to our Christmas eve service at church with my boys and we we were talking about how life had changed for us since Christmas of last year.

We are in a new church and new community. This means we live in a new parsonage, which I will take the time to say I absolutely love. I feel so blessed in my home every day. There is room for everyone to spread out and I got to choose the colors and many other aspects I am thankful for.

Our new church family is absolutely great. We have some people God has placed there that are irreplaceable and treat us like gold. I thank God for them every day. I also thank God for a church that truly has a heart for the community that surrounds it. God is leading people with a heart like ours to World Harvest and we are trusting Him to do so this coming year. I am thankful my husband is able to be who God has called him to be here and has armor bearers and staff to support his vision. We know we are right where God wants us to be.

I also thank God for my children. They are such a blessing to me right now. I will be honest: Before we moved I was very concerned about their spiritual lives. We were pastoring a small church in a small community. We loved our church family there, but needed a different thing for our children. They needed to see men and other teenagers really serving God. I know as Christian parents our greatest responsibility is to pray for our children, but I also believe we should make every opportunity for them to experience and see the presence and glory of God.

This was my prayer during the holidays last year and I can honestly say that is where God has placed us now. I know that the next year will bring even more changes in their lives, but to see them loving and serving God and talking about their futures in the ministry gives me great hope that they are becoming the men of God we have prayed for all their lives!

I am so thankful to be back in college. I have really struggled with this, as I also love the church and have been an active leader in every church we have pastored. I do know that God has given me this season and it is a part of His plan for my life. I have prayed for His peace and am embracing where He is guiding me. Juggling both of these desires with my devotion to my family will be interesting this next year!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! This really has been a blessed Christmas!