Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Reflections

What a great morning! We just had an awesome church service. I am so pumped up I can't even take my normal Sunday afternoon nap. First we had a great time in Sunday school class. Church was awesome praise and worship followed by an awesome message followed by an awesome altar service. This is what church is all about! I love to see lives changed and homes restored. There is truly nothing I would rather do than be part of a real church filled with real people striving to serve a real God. I have been a part of the mundane before and I don't want it.

I've been talking to some ladies who are really going through extended family issues. I guess there is something about the holidays that really brings things to the surface in families. Three different instances where people were told not to talk about religion when they got together for Thanksgiving.

First of all, let me say that I do not think our relationship with Jesus Christ is religion. He is as vital to who I am as a person as my color of eyes or who my husband and children are. I can't seperate myself from Him. He is not an item of clothes I take off or put on when I walk in the door of my parents' house. To believe that He is defies personal relationship with Him. I would never want to think it was possible for my teenage son to take off his 'religion' when he walked into a classroom or a friend's home. Imagine the temptation to sin that my husband (or myself) would open himself up to if he were able to take off his 'religion' for the day. God forbid!

Secondly, let's think about our obligation as believers to the world. While I agree that we should not shove Christ at anyone lest we cause them to recoil from Him, I also know we should stay sensitive to opportunities He may put in our way to speak life to someone who is spiritually dead. The family member that God tells us to witness to may face eternity before we see them again. I do not want to be held accountable for not obeying God.

As for me, I will be praying much for my family during this season. I do have loved ones who are away from God and the best holiday present I could receive would be one that matters for eternity!

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Anonymous said...

It is sad that we have to have this at the holidays but what an opportunity we have. The part you shared about Jesus not being something we can take on and off is so true!! Love the blog..