Sunday, November 23, 2008

Led by the Spirit?

My anointing is not based on my circumstances, nor does my joy depend on the situations in my life.
God will take me to the place where I depend on Him alone for my joy and peace.
Why look at my circumstances before I walk in the peace of God? God is bigger than my circumstances!
How long has it been since I thirsted after the anointing of God? Hungered for it more than food?
God is bigger than that thing I hold on to for my security. He is able to keep me, if I let go of all that I know as safe. That which I hold on to WILL fail me because it was not intended by Him to be my source.
I need the peace of God that goes beyond circumstances to see through faith the promises of God.
Give me a hunger for you, Oh God. Teach me to say yes to You in spite of all I see around me. Only you can set my feet to dancing in the midst of my circumstances. You can send people to speak truth to my life in the midst of deceit. You can cause the scales to be removed so that I see truth clearly. I hunger for Your peace. May Your joy spring forth in me and through me as Your anointing burns within me.

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